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Prolix - supplier of products for the home and garden

Prolix company has been on the market since 2008. We distribute Polish articles for home and garden to the foreign market. We have a very wide sellection of plastic and wood products. We offer accessories for the home, garden and various types of toys for children. We are constantly working to meet the latest market requirements and expand our catalogs. Our priority is to consistently develop and serve customers at the highest level.
We cooperate not only with retailers, but also with manufacturers of household goods. We will take care of exporting your products to the sales market mainly in Germany and England. We believe that working together, we will achieve success.

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We offer a wide selection of household items. With our health you will equip your home with essential items that will make your life easier; for instance, crates and boxes will be perfect for storage. Sponges, soap dishes and laundry baskets will organise space in your bathroom; dry food containers, dish dryers and non-slip mats will help you keep your kitchen tidy.


Every child dreams of having as many toys as possible. In our catalogs you will find many suggestions for spending free time with your child not only outside. We offer slides, sandboxes, sand sets and building block sets. All our toys motivate children to develop and what’s most important, they are completely safe.

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A perfectly trimmed and equipped garden is the dream of many of us. In our offer we not only have all the necessary tools for caring for the garden but also elements of decoration. With our products everyone has the opportunity to create a dream garden space.

Grave candles and candles

Do you want to create the perfect ambience, spend a nice evening or commemorate your loved ones? We offer scented and traditional candles in various colours and sets of small tealight candles. We also offer grave candles with metal lids; you may use tchem to honor the memory of the late ones.

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Seasonal articles

We offer a wide sellection of seasonal products. In our catalogs you will find items for summer such as swings, sandboxes, and slides; as well as sleds and slides and snow shovels ideal for winter. We also stock all kinds of products for the barbecue season. You may order charcoal, kindling and plastic plates and cutlery from us.


Do you have questions about our services or products? Would you like to place an order or do you need help making a decision?
We will be more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns. Call us, write or fill out the form - we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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