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Seasonal items for the home

łopaty do odśnieżania

Seasonal goods become essential at a certain time of the year, depending on the occasion or the weather. Our company offers seasonal products for summer, winter as well as for the barbecue season, which starts as early as March. We have divided our catalogues into these three categories, so you can find everything you need faster.


Summer, winter or barbecue season - find the articles to match the season

Winter items will bring a lot of fun for your child in winter season. You will also take care of your car and the surroundings of your home. You will find sleds, slides, all the products for clearing snow from the yard, as well as brooms and scrapers for your car and much more.
Summer is the time of year best for spending most of your time outside, so we'll ensure you're ready for this warm season. We offer seasonal items for the summer such as laundry hangers, baskets and all the tools you need for yard work to make your home easier.
Items for the barbecue season include everything you need to organise a barbecue party. With the products in our catalogue, you will stock up on briquettes or charcoal, a variety of kindling and all the paper or plastic tableware like plates, spoons, forks, knives, bowls and much more.
Start your favourite season with our items!


Seasonal products selection