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Natural candles, scented candles and grave candles

palące się świeczki

In our catalogue you will find a large selection of candles of all kinds. Traditional, scented, insect repellent and much more. All candles are the perfect way to provide an atmospheric ambience. We have candles in various colours and shapes, in glass containers or standard tealights.
Scented candles are perfectly at relaxing. They let the beautiful scents float throughout the room and allow you to spend beautiful moments of relaxation in your own home with a flickering flame. We have candles in a variety of scents, from delicate floral to more intense. Everyone will find a favourite scent for themselves. Traditional, unscented candles can also be found in various sizes and shapes.
We also have anti-smoke candles in our catalogues. They are filled with citrus oil, which is released into the air while the candles are burning and it creates excellent protection against mosquitoes. Several candles can be used in different locations to enhance the effect. As well as repelling insects, they give a soft, atmospheric light, perfect for long summer evenings. We have anti-mosquito candles in various sizes for indoor and outdoor use.


Grave candles - in memory of the late loved ones

The flame of a candle is not only used to relax and unwind. We often light a flame to honour our late loved ones. In our offer you will find candles with exchangeable refill and single use candle jars in a simple or more complex shape.