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Storage boxes

A great option for arranging all your belongings is to sort them into boxes and crates. In our offer you will find various types of boxes, containers and baskets. Made of wood or plastic, with or without a lid, they are perfect for storing all things. They are not only for toys, but also for fruits or vegetables. This way you will also take care of order in the refrigerator or larder.


Crates for fruits and vegetables - plastic or wooden?

Crates can be used to store fruit at home or in the larder. Check out which type of crates you should opt for.

Plastic crates are stable and sturdy, they perfectly protect the products, and above all they are hygienic and durable. Plastic does not absorb moisture, which prevents the accumulation of mold; it is easy to clean, and this allows for repeated and long-lasting use. Wooden boxes are also a good option, but they are susceptible to moisture and more difficult to clean.

When choosing crates for the specific purpose of storing fruit, it is worth opting for those made of plastic. They are lighter, more practical and have a much longer lifespan.


Storage boxes offer